Most people tend to keep their best moments on film in envelopes and/or boxes, where they are most of the time hidden from view. Usually at a special event there are numerous photos that you like, so framing them all would take up a lot of space. This problem spawned the idea of creating these custom picture boxes. These boxes can be decorated with favorite photos that have been taken over time, or can be theme oriented as in the form of the 2007 Superbowl box shown here. That particular Superbowl party was special and deserved to be memorialized in the form of an art piece that we can display for our own gratification in a special place in our home.

For those interested in the creation of your own custom picture box, the size of the box will determine the number of photos that must be sent to complete the box. Unused photos will not be returned so please make copies. Size, number of photos, lead time, and cost to be negotiate

Please inquire at info@boxartbyharper.com to discuss all the deatils of your own custom picture box!

From a previous client:
"I first saw Craig's work at his daughter's home when he restored a retired and dilapidated kitchen island to showroom quality. About a year later, I attended a function at his home and was immediately drawn to the many unique pieces displayed throughout. In particular were some beautiful picture boxes adorned with personal family photos. When I asked him where he got the box made, I was thrilled to learn he was the talent behind this piece of art and agreed to make one for me for Mothers Day. I sent him a selection of photos, and when I received the completed product shortly afterwards, I was blown away not only by the piece itself but by the way he was able to eye and crop the photos for perfect placement on every inch of the box. Craig is extremely talented and I am so excited to see what he makes for us next!"